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Tyres Dorchester

Wheels and tyres are the most vulnerable components of a car as continuous stress is put on them. Hence, they often undergo premature wear and show other problems.

If you are facing any issue with your vehicle, My Oxford Tyres Tyres Dorchester is the best place to visit. At our garage, you will get tyres and wheels from top brands, and receive high quality services.

Replacing tyres

If your car requires a tyre replacement, you can select from our stock of tyres Dorchester from top manufacturers like Nexen, Michelin, Firestone, Dunlop, Syron, Continental, etc. All our tyres will easily fit all car models which are plying in the United Kingdom. You just need to select the one suiting your 4-wheeler.

Repairing of punctured tyres

When a tyre puncture occurs, you need reliable professionals who are well accustomed with the BS AU 159 standards for a puncture repair. If the damage exceeds the standard limit, repairing cannot be done; you have to change your car’s tyre. Our technicians have the necessary knowledge and can carry out puncture repair Dorchesterwith expertise.

Alloy wheels

Two distinct metals are melted together to form alloy wheels, which are considered more durable and versatile than steel ones. Also, wheels made of alloys are less prone to rusting and adds to the appearance of a car. Therefore, you can prefer buying alloy wheels Dorchester to get all the benefits and even make yourcar look classier.

Removing locking wheel nut

The primary step to remove a car’s wheel is by unscrewing the wheel nuts. For that, a unique type of key is required. Not everyone can do it without having technical knowledge and the unique key. Luckily, technicians from our end are equipped with both, and they are suitable for locking wheel nut removal Dorchester.

Mobile fitting of tyres

With the facility of mobile tyre fitting Dorchester, you need not visit our garage; instead, book a time slot, and our professionals will do the tyre-fitting at your convenient location whether at your home or work.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is nothing but adjustment of suspension of a vehicle that secures a car to its wheels. If you find difficulty in driving straight, or there is a vibration in the steering, you must take our service of wheel alignment Dorchester.

For further assistance and queries, please drive down to our branch at AGNS Industrial Estate, 46 Middle Lane, Oxford, LE14 3HD.

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