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Chrysler Service -Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

For all your vehicle needs – from service to repairs, whenever you need help with your Chrysler, we at My Oxford Tyres are here for you.

We only use the best technology and our staff is experienced and regularly trained.

By offering tailor-made services for every Chrysler model, we make sure; your vehicle gets just what it needs to keep running smoothly.

Chrysler tyres & wheel alignment - Oxford- My Oxford Tyres

When was the last time you’ve had a proper look at you Chrysler’s tyres?

Not sure?

You are not the only one… unfortunately, many car owners simply forget these parts (very important parts!) of their vehicle.

Thinking that tyres are the only part of the vehicle connected directly to the road, one should take extra care of them. A little defect can have drastic consequences.

So please, make sure you check your tyres at least once a week so you can be sure they are not damaged, the tread depth is safe, and the air pressure is sufficient.

Many people are unsure or don’t know how to do it. If you are one of them, please come to us – we will do it for you free of charge!

We will thoroughly check your tyres to make sure you are safe.

In case you need to renew your tyres, we are happy to assist. You can easily buy tyres from us online at fantastic prices plus book a convenient fitting appointment.

We can also do a wheel alignment check on your Chrysler. We have the latest 3D technology in place so correcting your Chrysler’s alignment if necessary is not a problem.

For more information about four-wheel alignment, please have a look on our website.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We will help you.

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