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    Tyres Broughton Poggs

    My Oxford Tyres is a trusted name in all things tyre and wheel related. Our facility stocks a wide variety of tyres Broughton Poggs from trusted brands in the likes of Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop, Maxxis, Kumho and others. You can avail summer, winter and all-season tyre variants from us with ease.

    If you are worried about fitting your own tyre, do not be. Our technicians provide mobile tyre fitting Broughton Poggs as well. They are ready to visit your preferred address and help you fit newly purchased tyres to your vehicles. The same service is also available when you intend to alter the existing tyres due to seasonal changes.

    But what is the first thing that comes to mind when we speak about tyre problems? Well, you guessed it. It is a puncture. Flat tyres are notorious in these parts, which is why we offer affordable and reliable puncture repair Broughton Poggs. Although our technicians complete their work swiftly, they strictly follow the British standard when repairing a puncture.

    Another common issue that often arises is a misalignment in your car wheels. If you notice your car drifting to one side of the road or uneven wear on tyres, it is indicative of wheel alignment complications. Our skilled technicians can quickly restore normalcy to your car’s wheels with respect to toe, camber and caster angles. Avail wheel alignment Broughton Poggs to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle for considerable periods.

    Another crucial wheel-related service that our garage offers is a locking wheel nut removal. Usually, only car owners can remove the wheel nut of their vehicles using a special key. However, if you end up losing this key, you will have no way of dislodging the nut from its place. Fortunately, locking wheel nut removal Broughton Poggs is possible when you have the right professional equipment. Our experts possess these toolsand can easily remove this nut for you.

    If you are already planning to remove your car wheels, why not consider an upgrade? Alloy wheels Broughton Poggs are the better option, which can result in increased fuel economy and handling. Furthermore, alloy wheels tend to be more stylish than ordinary steel or hub cap wheels. We stock such specialised alloy wheels from reputed brands.

    How to contact us

    Regardless of the product or service you choose, we can assist you in all your car-related endeavours. You can book an appointment and avoid the long queues outside. Simply give us a call at 01234 56789. 

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