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    Tyres Appleton

    Car tyres and wheels are perhaps the most susceptible parts of a vehicle. Due to the continued strain on these parts, tyres often undergo wear and additional issues. My Oxford Tyres is the place to visit if you want to resolve said tyre or wheel-related problems. We offer reliable products and services to all our customers.

    Tyre replacement

    It is critical to get your tyres replaced after regular intervals to ensure safety and optimal performance from your vehicle. With our attractive stock of tyres Appleton, you will surely leave satisfied. Although we are the preferred dealer for Nexen, Kumho and Syron, we offer tyres from almost all major brands.

    Puncture repair

    In the event of a puncture, you need to seek reliable technicians who are adept at repairing such issues as per the British standards. Using any other means may leave your tyres and your car susceptible to harm. Our experts have the right tools, and the right know-how to conduct puncture repair Appleton.

    Alloy wheels

    Alloy wheels blend two or more metals to achieve a lighter compound, which is more efficient when compared to ordinary steel wheels. The lightweight nature of alloy wheels can also ensure better fuel economy for drivers. The cherry on the cake is that alloy wheels Appleton make even the most ordinary cars look classy.

    Locking wheel nut removal

    The first step in removing your car wheel is to unscrew the locking wheel nut holding it in place. You cannot hope to accomplish the same without extensive technical know-how and specialised equipment. Fortunately, our technicians are equipped with both, which makes them perfect for locking wheel nut removal Appleton.

    Mobile tyre fitting services

    We understand that you follow a busy schedule, and it may be difficult for you to take time out and visit our garage. Hence, we offer tyre replacement services at your home, office or even in the middle of a road. Just give us a call, for mobile tyre fitting Appleton.

    Aligning your car tyres

    Do you know what caster, toe and camber means? We cannot blame you if you don’t. These are technical terms, defining alignment issues with your car wheel or rather its suspension system. Misalignment of wheels is often undetectable to the untrained eyes. However, we can quickly locate the problem and resolve it. Periodic wheel alignment Appleton should ensure that your car drives the way that it is supposed to.

    Drive in to My Oxford Tyres on weekdays between 8.30 AM and 5.30 PM. We are also open on weekends – on Saturdays from 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM and on Sundays from 9.00 AM to 1.00PM.

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