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    Tyres Ambrosden

    Car tyres and wheels can malfunction when you least expect it. At My Oxford Tyres, we are fully equipped to deal with all your woes concerning car tyres. Our garage is also home to a diverse range of tyres Ambrosden.

  • Interested to know what services we offer?
  • If you experience any problem with your vehicle, head straight to My Oxford Tyres for a quick check. Our technicians are capable of detecting irregularities or warning signs in your wheel, suspension or tyre. You can expect the following facilities when you roll your car into our service centres.

  • Removal of locking wheel nut
  • Your vehicle’s wheels remain securely fixed in place thanks to the locking wheel nut. In case you need to open this wheel nut or alter the wheel itself, you need access to a specialised key capable of dislodging this nut. Nevertheless, many car owners tend to misplace this key.

    Technicians at our garage offer locking wheel nut removal Ambrosden, without hampering the wheel alloy. We have access to specialised equipment that can get this job done easily.

  • Alloy wheels
  • Do you still rely on a hub cap or steel wheel for your car? Well, maybe it is time for an upgrade. Alloy wheels are a better alternative when it comes to performance and looks. It adds a classy feel that is missing in standard steel wheels. Additionally, alloy wheels Ambrosden are lighter, easing the strain on your car’s compression drastically.

    If you need more reasons to switch to an alloy wheel, just think about the amount of fuel you can save simply by reducing the weight of your car wheels!

  • Puncture repair

    Experiencing a flat while on your way to work can mess up your schedule. Thankfully, at My Oxford Tyres, we have the perfect solution to punctures. Our skilled technicians can quickly patch repairable tyres, making them look like new. Now you know where to go when you need emergency puncture repair Ambrosden.

  • Mobile tyre fitting

    Are you stuck in the middle of the road looking for a replacement tyre? With mobile tyre fitting Ambrosden, you can just wait for our technicians to reach you in such cases. We can conduct quality tyre replacements on the side of roads, saving you the time and energy of visiting our service centre.

  • Wheel alignment
  • Did you ever notice your steering wheel vibrating while driving? Is your steering wheel off the centre, even when you are driving straight? These signs are indicative of misaligned wheels. Our qualified technicians can conduct reliable wheel alignment Ambrosden, resolving any angular irregularities in the vehicle’s suspension system.

    Visit My Oxford Tyres whenever you need new tyres for your vehicle. We are the preferred dealers for Nexen, Syron and Kumho tyres in this suburb.

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