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Is your Mini's maintenance service due? Please come to us. Our experts will be happy to look after your car.

All modern Minis have a so-called "CBS" (“condition based service”) programme installed which reminds the driver when the next service is due.

It works like this:

Whenever you drive, the CBS collects data (mileage, terrain and many more details). With the data recorded, the car’s computer is calculating when the next service is due.

Older Minis are not equipped with this system, so you will still have to look at the car’s service booklet or make a note on your calendar.

Tyres are extremely important for your safety, so please make sure you get them checked regularly. For all our customers who are not sure how to do a health check on tyres, we are happy to do it for you.

No need to book an appointment. We offer this service free of charge and whenever you have a few minutes. On our My Oxford Tyres website, you will also find new, cheap Mini Car tyres in Oxford if you need some.

You will be happy with the variety of tyres and the prices. A fitting appointment can be booked with your order as well.

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