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Has your service light come on recently?

Then you should get in touch with us. We will sort your Mazda out with top quality and cost-efficient service, specially designed for your Mazda’s individual needs.

But that’s not all we can do for your Mazda. If it needs a repair, our experts can fix it quickly using only the best tools and technology.

Are your Mazda’s tyres still ok?

Air pressure? Tread depth? Bulges? Damage?

Not sure?

Just come over to our My Oxford Tyres workshop whenever it suits you, and we will check them for you free of charge. In case you do need to renew your tyre(s), you will find it very easy to buy new ones.

Just use our My Oxford Tyres website. With a few clicks, you will find your perfect, cheap, new tyres.

You can book a fitting appointment with your order if you like and we can certainly also check your Mazda’s wheel alignment at the same time (please have a look at our information page).

Mazda tyres & wheel alignment - Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

We will always find the perfect time for you.

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