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Daewoo service - Oxford- My Oxford Tyres

That’s all you need to remember next time you are looking for a quality garage to do the maintenance on your vehicle.

Our team will make sure you will get the best- and most cost-efficient service for your Daewoo. Once the service has been sorted, why not let us check your tyres free of charge as well.

Many of our customers come to our workshop regularly to get their tyres checked for damage, tyre pressure and tread depth. This service does not take long (no booking needed) and is certainly free of charge.

If you need new tyres, we can sort them out for you as well. Please have a look at our website. With a few clicks, you can find the perfect top-quality tyres for your Daewoo – cheap!

Daewoo tyres - Oxford- My Oxford Tyres

You can book your fitting appointment conveniently with your order. We fit the tyres for you at a time that suits you and check your Daewoo’s wheel alignment as well if you like (please look at our information page on our website).

Daewoo - wheel alignment/tracking – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

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