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Citroen service – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

Many vehicle owners start thinking about where to take their vehicle once the service light comes on.

The question is indeed where to take the vehicle as there are many garages out there offering their services. The quality and prices of those garages differ significantly though.

So if your Citroen needs servicing or repairs, don’t go far and waste precious time looking for the right garage.

Here at My Oxford Tyres, you will find everything under one roof:

We will service your Citroen according to the vehicle model/specification and age at unbeatable prices.

Citroen service – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

Once your Citroen's maintenance-service is sorted, and while your car is still with us, you should make use of our free tyre check-up service.

Tyres are undoubtedly among the most vital parts of your Citroen and should therefore never be neglected.

We advise all our customers just to pop in regularly (no appointment needed), so we can check your tyres for any bulges or damage, check the tread depth and top up the tyre pressure if necessary.

It only takes a few minutes, does not cost you anything and you can leave us with peace of mind.

If you and your vehicle have come to a point where the purchase of new tyres is unavoidable, we can help you as well.

On our website, you can find new, cheap Citroen tyres plus book a fitting appointment at the same time.

Citroen Tyres – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

Our team will balance and fit the tyres for you and we can certainly also check your Citroen’s wheel alignment.

If you want to know more about four-wheel alignment, please have a read on our website.

Citroen - wheel alignment – Oxford – My Oxford Tyres

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